Freedom Ministry

At Celebration, we believe that Freedom is not a process or a destination, but it is a person – the person of Jesus Christ. In order to gain the true freedom that can only be found in Jesus, we have to learn how to tear down unhealthy thought patterns that develop throughout our lives, and replace them with the truth of God’s Word. In Freedom you will be on a self-guided journey through the Jimmy Evans “21 Day Total Freedom Journey” curriculum and then meet once a week for four weeks.

The goal of Freedom is for you to experience the power and truth of God’s Word in a new, transformational way. No matter where you are in life and no matter how long you have been coming to church, we promise you will learn so much during the “21 Day Total Freedom Journey.” You will be so glad you made this short, 21-day commitment. Freedom starts fresh every month throughout the year. Go to the Community section on the Celebration app or search the Community Finder here. Once you register, the Freedom team will be in touch with you about how to start preparing.

Questions about Freedom? Email or call 904-737-1121.