An unrestrained outbreak of passion for Jesus.

The Riot is rising at Celebration Church. Much more than a youth ministry, we are a generation found in and set apart by the love and hope of Christ, and we won’t be quiet about it. We will be known in our homes, schools, and communities for having an unrestrained outbreak of passion for Jesus.

As young people, we know that we face more challenges and hardships than ever before and deal with very serious issues on a daily basis. Even amidst these daily battles, we also know and believe that our generation can be the greatest generation this world has ever seen once we discover who we are in Christ. We know that God has a plan of wholeness and happiness for everyone, and The Riot is here to help the students in our church and community accept and live out that truth.


Riot Crews every Wednesday, 6:30pm at Arena, Orange Park and Julington Creek locations


Riot Night is the first Friday of every month at the Arena at 6:30pm, beginning March 2, 2018


The Riot is the middle and high school student ministry at Celebration Church. Our vision is to lead students to experience a God-first life. We minister to students through a variety of ways, including City Crews and Riot Nights.

Our logo represents our vision for the next generation. At The Riot, we empower our students to actively engage their world and encourage them to protect what seeps into their minds and hearts in the process. A gas mask allows a person to survive and exist in toxic environments without being changed by the toxins. We know our students face a world of challenges. The Riot gives all students a place to be strengthened by the presence of God and emboldened to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to every part of the earth.

City Crews are weekly gatherings that are hosted around the city. On any given night of the week, you can find a City Crew meeting around Jacksonville! These City Crews are comprised of 50-60 students and adult leaders all centered around one goal: God-first community. Through hang time, worship, a message and age-specific small group discussion, our students are discipled and developed in a safe environment.

City Crews operate on a semester basis, congruent to your students’ school calendar. To become a part of a City Crew, simply find one near you and show up! The City Crew listing is available here and is updated every semester. Once you find the City Crew you’d like to attend, you can contact the City Crew Captain OR you can simply show up! (Special instructions for gate codes are listed in the groups finder.)

Riot Night is a monthly, city-wide event that is open to all students, from middle school to college. Riot Nights are a power-packed, conference-style event with fun special elements, incredible worship and a world-class guest speaker. These nights are a great way to connect in to the life of the church and see what we are all about.

Riot leaders are always in high demand and we would love for you to join us on the team! We have a tightly structured process for new leaders to ensure the safety of our student experience. Please click here to sign up to serve and a Riot team member will contact you to walk you through the process!

You may also follow us on Facebook, nstagram or Twitter (@theriotjax) to find out the latest up-to-date news and info.

For questions or concerns, or to speak with a Riot Pastor or team member
please email theRiot@celebration.org