At Celebration we are always praying and seeking God about His vision for our church. Our Heart for the House initiatives are all about sharing the love of Jesus and reaching as many people as we can with the hope and transformational power of God’s Word. Participating in Heart for the House simply means that you are showing your heart for His house and for His people. Those who participate in Heart for the House give over and above their tithe which goes toward our key ministry initiatives, building improvements, and location expansion as we work to spread the love of Jesus across our cities and our world.


Orange Park

Begin preparation for our new building in Orange Park.


Family Lounge

Create a new Family Lounge at the Arena.


Fort Lauderdale Location

Opened our Fort Lauderdale location.



Opened our second location in Orlando at Lake Howell High School.


Howmine Location

Opened the new building at our Howmine location in Zimbabwe.


Celebration Kids Space

Renovated the Celebration Kids Space at the Arena and made improvements at our Orange Park and Julington Creek locations.


Amelia Island

Opened our Amelia Island location.


Riot Nights

We hosted monthly, city-wide outreaches with world-class speakers for students and young adults so that they could encounter God and develop an unrestrained outbreak of passion for Jesus.


Midtown Location

Remodeled and reopened our Midtown location, which is the home of Celebration College, our staff offices, and is open for weekend services.

It has been a historic 2017 for Celebration Church and we are carrying this same momentum into 2018 with even more exciting opportunities that God is bringing us.  These are only possible with faithful giving to Heart for the House and we are sincerely thankful for everyone who participates.