The Northeast Florida Dream Center will be an outreach hub for Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL. It is our desire to reach out to the surrounding community, to both show the love of Jesus and to help meet practical needs.

We’d love for you to be part of our team.


We are participators not spectators

While on earth, Jesus met peoples physical and tangible needs. As servants of Christ, it is our belief that we should do the same.  Life was meant to be enjoyed in the context of community. When we participate with others in serving, we build strong relationships, while growing together in our walk with God. Secondly, there is exponential strength in numbers. We are just better…together. When we serve in teams, we combine our strength and become much more effective in advancing the cause of Christ. Lastly, we serve together because, no one person can single handedly move the vision of The Church forward. Celebration Church is a family of believers, and our church not built on the gifts and talents of a few, but on the sacrifice and service of many.


Take the next step in joining a serving team by getting started on the God-First Life Growth Track. The objective of the 4-step God-First Life Growth Track is simple – we want you to easily be able to connect into life at Celebration Church as you learn to Know God, Find Freedom, Discover your Purpose and begin to Make a Difference.  The GFL Growth Track happens throughout the month at all locations and you can jump into any step at any time. When you arrive at church see a guest services member or visit the Connect area for more details.

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    1st weekend of each month

    Learn about the spiritual journey that God has for each of us: to follow Jesus. Step One happens the first weekend of every month.

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    2nd weekend of each month

    Find out how to connect into life at Celebration. Learn more about our mission, vision, and values; as well as take your next step to connect with our church.  Step Two happens the second weekend of every month.

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    3rd weekend of each month

    Discover your spiritual gifts to see how they can indicate your purpose within the body of Christ. Step Three happens the third weekend of every month.

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    4th weekend of each month

    Learn how you can make a difference by serving. Connect to the serving opportunities available at Celebration Church that will help you live out your purpose and serve others by using your gifts. Step Four happens the fourth weekend of every month.


Through our local outreach initiatives, we partner with several organizations and ministries, working together to meet the practical and spiritual needs of the communities we serve. Our goal is to be the hands and feet of Jesus, driven by His heart to serve others, while giving people the opportunity to find true hope and fulfillment.

Celebration Church is especially focused on making an impact in the lives of at-risk youth. This is expressed in most of our outreach partnerships and opportunities, though there are several other options as well. Our teams are made up of a diverse group of people who have true servant hearts, and are always ready to embrace people from all walks of life with the joy, grace and love of Christ. Join us in making a difference and being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Become a Mentor

Pace for Girls- Creating and leading Student Clubs such as gardening, fashion, and business. Clubs will be Wednesday-Friday between 10am – 2pm in 1-1.5 hour slots. Email Christina Mireles at cmireles@celebration.org to partner with Pace in impacting the future of these wonderful middle and high school young ladies.

Grove Park Elementary- Mentoring and tutoring for the students in one hour slots during school days between 10am-1pm. One hour a week will make a huge impact in the lives of these children. Email Christina Mireles at cmireles@celebration.org for a Volunteer Registration form. We are also collecting socks, shoes, and underwear for the students, sizes 6-16 boys and girls. You can drop off these items to the OP Campus on Sundays.

Episcopal Children Services – Let’s go back and lend a hand with clean up and preparing the playground for spring. Ongoing opportunities to serve this school are to volunteer your time to read to the children Monday-Friday anytime between 9am-11am. You can also donate diapers, arts and craft items, and gently used educational toys. You can drop these items off to the OP Campus on Sundays. Please email Christina Mireles at cmireles@celebration.org for volunteering with the children.

In partnership with several at-risk youth organizations, we serve to reach children and students in these sometimes forgotten facilities. Through simple activities such as playing games, sharing quick devotionals, or cleanup efforts, our goal is to bring a message of hope to students who might not otherwise be able to attend a church service. Together, we can remind them that they are not forgotten, and point them to the source of truest hope and fulfillment, Jesus Christ.



Mondays – 6:15-8:00pm

To get involved, submit an interest form.



Saturday – 11:00am

To get involved, submit an interest form.


Clara White Mission

In partnership with Clara White Mission we host a bimonthly outreach to serve the homeless and low-income community in the downtown Jacksonville area. Clara White takes place on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month, and the time is 1:00pm-4:00pm.

We provide practical needs such as food, clothing, hygiene items, haircuts, and bike repairs, as well as a life-giving message. Our goal is to serve this community, point them to the love of Christ, and help overcome hurdles that get in the way of people experiencing a God-first life.

You can get involved by serving at the outreach, or by donating clothing, shoes, blankets, or hygiene items. Drop off location for donations is at our Midtown Location. To get involved, submit an interest form.

Wednesday/Homeless Outreach

A group meets every Wednesday to help put food bags together that are given to families and individuals who are homeless and living in local motels. We meet every Wednesday at 5:30pm in the building next to Round Robin through the glass doors.

This team focuses on bringing life and hope to those in our county jails and detention centers in Clay County. To get involved, submit an interest form.

Operation New Hope- Be a life coach to those coming out of incarceration and getting back on a great path. The days and times can be worked around your schedule. To join our team please email Christina Mireles at cmireles@celebration.org.

New Town Neighborhood

New Town Kids Club

New Town is the neighborhood surrounding our Local Outreach Adopt-A-School, Eugene Butler. Join us in serving this community by volunteering at the New Town Kids Club, which meets weekly from 9:00am-11:30am.

New Town Monthly Food Pantry

To get involved, submit an interest form.

Quigley House

We will go back out to Quigley House and help with landscaping and painting throughout the year. Future dates will be announced at the end of each season. Names must be submitted a week prior to the event day so please email Christina Mireles at cmireles@celebration.org to join this team.

We have several different outreach opportunities and host periodic special services at different nursing homes in the area. The purpose of these outreaches is to remind this community that they are not forgotten, but are valuable and loved.

Park Ridge

Thursdays at 3pm. To get involved, submit an interest form.

Senior Centers

Assist with activities and events during the week at various centers throughout Clay County. Activities are bingo, dancing, art, exercise, deliver meals, assist with paperwork, and more. You can visit clayccoa.com to view their activity calendars and email Christina Mireles at cmireles@celebration.org with your interest.

Seamark Ranch is a nurturing Christian home and family system that gives children from families in crisis the tools they need for a brighter future. Through a family home model, a specialized residential school, and the lessons of life on a working farm community, Seamark Ranch provides the ideal setting for love, stabilization, healing, education and empowerment.

Our local outreach teams mobilize as needed throughout the year to serve the children and families at Seamark by hosting cleanup days, and meeting other practical needs the families may have. Join us in making a difference and being the hands and feet of Jesus. To get involved, submit an interest form.

Our Underground ministry reaches out to the clubs in Jacksonville by bringing light into the night life in our city. Underground takes place the 4th Saturday of every month. Due to the nature of this ministry, an additional application(located under the toolbox)/ screening is required. We ask that you complete our Membership and God-first life classes before applying to serve in this area. To get involved, submit an interest form.

Gateway Detox

This team focuses on bringing life and hope to those in drug rehabs. Held on Saturdays. To get involved, submit an interest form.

MISSIONS : global reach

Celebration Church is a global, multi-site church with a mandate for Kingdom expansion. The majority of our teams will be sent to our international campuses where they can meet the needs of the people as well as serve to strengthen the local church. Strengthening the local church is an important aspect of every missions team as it is the local church that will be ministering daily to their community once the short-term missions team has departed.

We are excited about your interest in missions. There are so many reasons you should step out of your comfort zone and go on a mission trip:

  • Jesus told us to go. (Mark 16:15)
  • You become the hands and feet of Jesus to bring good news. (John 3:16) Sharing this good news can be done in many ways from distributing meals, to fixing up a soup kitchen, or having a spa day for the local women.
  • You are personally changed forever through the unforgettable experience of seeing how people in a different part of the world live.
  • You become so much more thankful for the blessings God has poured out on you.

When you say yes to God’s call to go, we’ll equip you with everything you need to have a great experience from fundraising to connecting with locals in another culture. See you soon on a mission trip. We can’t wait!

Interested in Missions? Fill out our interest form here.

Want to Apply for a Missions Trip? Fill out Short Term Missions Application here.

Please Note: If you would like to support a missions trip, please include trip code and missionary name in the memo line or designated box.